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13 year old boy with history of trivial trauma

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  1. Dr. Bauones says


  2. hugo ubillus ramirez says

    Por la edad…la localizacion…las caracteristicas radiologicas..apuntan quiste aneurismatico

  3. Aytun Temiz says

    This is a classic wiev of un?cameral bone cyst which is usually located in proximal humeral methapysis in adolecents and youngs. When a patological fracture exist ‘fallen leaf sign’ may be seen.

  4. SUBBARAO says

    simple cyst

  5. Avishek Ray Ghatak says

    Fallen leaf sign

  6. dr Ashish Jaiman says

    It’s UBC, clear fallen leaf sign

  7. dr ashish says

    unicameral bone cyst

  8. admin says

    Most of you are right. This is a case of Unicameral bone cyst with fallen fragment sign

  9. Manish Agarwal says

    Well defined lesion
    Diaphyseal location
    Endosteal thinning and fracture
    Mild expansion
    No Periosteal reaction
    Fallen fragment sign

    UBC is first DD
    Keep ABC and telangiectatic Ogs are other less likely differentials

    Do MRI with contrast to confirm

    Biopsy at time of injection or sclerotherapy

  10. abdelrahman says

    classical case

  11. osama says

    please look at the fracture ribs.

  12. jose Luis Encarnacion says

    Humeral fracture in patological area (Unicameral Bone Cist].

  13. Ganesh Singh Dharmshaktu says

    Classic ‘ spot -the -diagnosis’ radiograph of pathological fracture in the setting of Unicameral Bone Cyst/Simple Bone Cyst.

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