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Whats the Diagnosis? Image quiz March 2014

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What’s the diagnosis?

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  1. dr. abdo says

    Or may be congenital coxa vara?!!

  2. vivek shrivastava says

    congenital coxa valga

  3. dr patel trimbak says

    Cong. Coxa valga

  4. I v reddy says

    Cong coxavara

  5. S. Bauones says

    Bessel-Hagen disease (Multiple hereditary exostosis)

  6. admin says

    Answer to the March Image Quiz is Multiple Hereditary Exostosis. It is also known as “Bessel-Hagen disease” named after the author who described almost all the clinical features of MHE in 1891. Reference article: BESSEL-HAGEN,F.(1891):Ueber Knochen-und Gelenkanomalieen.Archiv fur Klinische Chirurgie,41,420

  7. says

    but where is lesion in images

  8. dr ashish jaiman says

    its hereditary multiple exostosis

  9. ismail tawfeek says


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