Case Study: Paediatric #Hip

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AC Joint dislocation: Open Repair

AC Joint dislocation open repair lennard funk from Lennard Funk Courtesy : Prof Lennard Funk, Shoulder Surgeon, Wrightington Upper Limb Unit, United Kingdom

Skeletal Fluorosis- A Case Study

Skeletal Fluorosis – a case report from Vinod Naneria Courtesy: Dr Vinod Naneria Consultant orthopaedic surgeon Choithram Hospital & Research Centre, Indore, India. You can address your queries to Dr Naneria using the Comments section below.

Paget’s Disease of Bone- Case Studies

Paget's disease of bone – from Vinod Naneria Courtesy: Dr Vinod Naneria Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon Choithram Hospital & Research Centre, Indore, India. You can address your queries in the Comment Section below.

Multiple Myeloma

Management of Multiple myeloma from orthoprinciples Courtesy: Prof Shaji Kumar MD Professor of Medicine Mayo Clinic Rochester Minnesota United States

Posterior Malleolus Fracture with Dislocation

A 38 year old presents to the Emergency Dept with a history of significant trauma to the ankle , there is minimal swelling, deformity is present, there is only minimal soft tissue injury(Tscherne grade 1), and no signs of distal ischemia. She has been admitted within 3 hours after injury. There are no comorbidities. What […]

Asceptic Loosening- Dr Jacob’s Corner 2

64 year old lady with asceptic loosening of the cup 4 years postoperatively. What are the possible reasons for failure? How do we revise the cup? Do we need to revise the stem? What are the principles to be adhered to while revising? Courtesy:Dr Jacob Varghese, Lakeshore hospital, Kochi             […]

Dr Jacob’s Corner 1

Courtesy: Dr Jacob Varghese, Head, Division of Joint Reconstruction, Lakeshore Hospital, Kochi A 24 year old army captain with history of recurrent dislocation. Positive apprehension was demonstrated for anterior instability. No ligamentous laxity. Xrays showed indistinct anterior inferior border of glenoid. Therefore CT scan was done in addition to MRI. This confirmed a large anterior […]

Lesion from the Bony Elements of Spine

Case of the Month:Submitted by Dr Sujit Kumar Tripathy, University of Teeside, UK. Review Questions? 1. What is the most common primary bone tumour arising from the spine? 2. What is the most common location of Giant cell tumour in spine? 3. Does giant cell tumour in the spine behave with same aggression as in […]