Physioblasts.Org appeared on the web on 08 July 2004, and is a non-profit Physical Therapy Portal intended to be a public sphere of interaction for Physical Therapy professionals and students across the world. This project also aims at representation and promotion of Physical Therapy in specific Indian contexts. It is today a big community of Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy students passionate by the incredible possibilities of the art and science of Physiotherapy. The general idea is to permanently gather Physiotherapy Professionals, PT Teachers, PT Students throughout the world around a virtual table, to create a real information and resource data base, useful to our career, clinical practice and/or academics.
Thanks to the generous contribution of our members and visitors, Physioblasts.Org has been continuously growing. Visitors can find many useful articles, recent news, updates, useful links as well as very dynamic forums and mailing lists. Each visitor can freely take advantage ofthe many Physioblasts.Org services. In exchange, we ask them to contribute as much as they can to the expansion of the knowledge base and the community.