Myositis: Diagnosis and Treatment

Myositis: Diagnosis and Treatment Robert Fink MD, Guest Reviews Myositis is a general term used to describe inflammation of the muscles. A vast majority of cases are considered to be a consequence of an autoimmune disease, rather than an infection. That is why the term myositis is primarily used to describe rare disease wherein […]

Scapholunate dissociation

SCAPHOLUNATE DISSOCIATION Rajesh Purushothaman, MS, Associate Professor, Govt.Medical College, Kozhikode, India According to Dobyns, carpal instability is “a carpal injury in which loss of normal alignment of the carpus occur early or late”. . Scapholunate dissociation (SLD) is the most common type of carpal instability. It is the most common instability pattern because the intercarpal […]

Coronoid Fractures

CORONOID FRACTURES Rajesh Purushothaman, MS, Associate Professor, Govt.Medical College , Kozhikode, India Coronoid fractures were once thought to be inconsequential. But they have been recognised to be of great importance as minor incongruity of the anteromedial facet have been shown to lead to elbow arthrosis and in presence of other fractures and elbow dislocation they […]

Coronal Shear Fractures of the Distal Humerus

CORONAL SHEAR FRACTURES OF THE DISTAL HUMERUS Rajesh Purushothaman MS, Associate Professor, Govt.Medical College , Kozhikode, India Isolated capitellar fractures are rare. It accounts for only 1% of all elbow fractures and 3-4% of distal humeral fractures. These fractures are almost exclusively seen in those older than 12 years of age. The annual incidence is […]

Bone Screws in Orthopaedic Surgery

Bone Screws Rajesh Purushothaman, Associate Professor, Medical College, Kozhikode, India Screw is a cylinder with spiral threads running on its outer surface. It converts torsional forces into compression. The primary functional objective in the design of a screw is to dissipate and distribute the mechanical load. Thread design should maximise initial contact, enhance surface area, […]