Spine Surgery: Tricks of the Trade- Alexander Vaccaro


Spine Surgery: Tricks of the Trade
By Alexander Vaccaro, Todd Albert spine-surgery-by-vaccaro-500x500
The third edition of this book comes with addition of 30 new chapters, which have found a place in modern spine surgery practice. Written by an International Panel of acclaimed spine surgeons, this book looks into more than 100 spine surgery procedures. Some of the tips and pearls of wisdom, may not be very well scientific, but are tips and tricks practised and taught by the experts who have spent years practising spine surgery. Each chapter begins in the following format
1. Key principles and concise description
2. Expectations of what the Surgeon is able to achieve
3. Indications and Contraindications
4. Special considerations and Instructions
5. Tips, Pearls and Lessons
6. Key procedural steps
7. Pitfalls
8. Available bail out, rescue and salvage procedure
To Concise, “A very useful and practical book to refresh prior to surgery”


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