Orthopaedic Trauma Care- #AO Trauma Handbook


Orthopaedic Trauma Care- Handbook

By Piet de Boer, Steven Morgan, Christian van der Werkenpiet de boer

This handbook from the AO Trauma Group looks into the fundamentals in the management of Orthopaedic Trauma. Emphasis has been placed on the AO Classification and follows the following format: Mechanism of Injury, Clinical Presentation, Diagnostics, Classification, Treatment, Duration, Prognosis. Key points have been highlighted separately. This book is really handy, and is especially useful for the Registrars and Interns. The first few chapters emphasise on the basic principles of fracture healing and Internal Fixation, and there is separate chapter on Clinical Documentation.

To Purchase, Contact: amit.chauhan@thieme.in

Further info: http://www.thieme.com/books-main/orthopaedic-surgery/product/1018-ao-handbook-orthopedic-trauma-care

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