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A 72 year old lady sustained a hip fracture. Which of the following is the ideal implant for her?

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According to Evidence Based Clinical Practice Guidelines released by the AAOS, which of the following is NOT True?

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  1. Dr. K. M. Ojha says

    We do a pre PFN nailing circlage wiring just distal to the lesser trochanter.

  2. says

    This is a Classic Reverse Oblique Fracture. And a cephalomedullary system like the Proximal Femoral Nail is the Rx of choice.

    Evidence: “Surgery should NOT be delayed in patients who are on aspirin or clopidogrel’. There have been concerns in the past regarding use of Clopidogrel, as there is a risk of Epidural Hematoma if spinal anaesthesia has been employed. Epidural hematoma is dangerous as it can lead to paralysis of the lower limbs. Current Evidence shows the risks of delayed surgery is more significant than the rare risk of developing an epidural hematoma

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  3. abubaker almurabet says in Libya still wait for at least five days to operate pts on aspirin or clopidocrel

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