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23 year old man complains of wrist pain in his dominant hand. Xrays attached. What's the diagnosis?

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What's the stage of the disease?

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What are your treatment options?

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  1. Hossein Moaddabi says

    Radial shortening

  2. Dr.Ali Alias says

    Carpal bone fusion

  3. Wojtek Piwek says

    Too late for vascularized graft. ..prothesis from carbon (Turnier comp) is an option

  4. says

    if the capitate articular surface is good to consider PRC or a four corner fusion

  5. max says

    Radial shortening, revascularization, denervation

  6. Ali Muhammad Bhutto says

    Four corner fusion

  7. dr.kdavidraju says

    Sir, Below Elbow thumb spica for six weeks
    no ulnar minus hence no bony procedures

  8. says

    Lunate excision n scaphocapitate fusion

  9. abhijit bandyopadhyay says

    core decompression and jess fixator for 8weeks…

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