Image Challenge 11, #Oncology


24 year old man presented with pain and swelling in the knee for the past 3 months.

Describe the Zone of Transition

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Describe the Periosteal Reaction

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Describe the Matrix Characteristics

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What's your diagnosis?

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  1. Ihab Fakhr Eldin says

    I prefer to recieve the model answer of the questions

  2. hitesh says


  3. dr i v reddy says

    most common site, young age,periosteal reaction, intramedullarry extension s/o OS

  4. salman says

    it is useful site

  5. says

    Answer is Osteosarcoma. Features are wide zone of Transition, interrupted Periosteal Reaction, Osteoid matrix.

  6. dr.vinodkumar b.p says

    predominatly osteosclerotic lesion with sunray apperance, aggressive tumor, metaphyseal- most probably osteosarcoma

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