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38 year old female presented with low back pain for the last two years. No positive clinical signs. Xrays are normal. MR attached

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Courtesy : Dr Nadeem Ali, MS Orth, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India


  1. dr gaurav says

    it s tarlov cyst

  2. dr ashish jaiman says

    it’s tarlov cyst, primary lumbar canal stenosis

  3. admin says

    The Answer for Image Quiz,
    MRI of the LS spine reveals a fluid filled cystic lesion at 1st and second saccral segment. Such a picture is consistent with perineural cyst of nerve root also known as Tarlov cyst as Tarlov was the first person who described it. Cordoma and nerve root schwannoma will not present as fluid filled cystic lesion

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