Rafael Inigo Pavlovich, MD- Guest Editor (June-August 2014)



Dr. Pavlovich is the recipient of national honors from several countries, including Mexico, his homeland, and the United States; the author of many influential articles published in prestigious journals as well as member of the editorial board of several major Journals such as Arthroscopy, International Orthopedics, Archives of Orthopedics and trauma surgery, J. of Knee surgery, Orthopedics, Acta Orthop Mexicana, etc.; and the winner of several research prizes, including a National Science and Technology award. In addition to his accomplishments as a scientist, Dr. Pavlovich speaks five languages and has traveled and practiced in Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East. He continues to initiate cutting-edge developments in orthopedic surgery. His favourite area of research is the use of Radio frequency pulses in Meniscal Healing

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