MCQs and Clinical Cases for the #FRCS (Tr and Orth )- Vikas Khanduja


Khanduja V MCQS and clinical cases for the FRCS(Tr and orth) is a new recipe for the FRCS exam in the UK. The author ,Vikas Khanduja, Associate editor at the Bone and joint journal has been well associated with the” Exam Corner” being published every month in the Journal.The book caters into most aspects of Orthopaedics with multiple formats like the Single Best Answer{SBA}. ,clinical case scenarios, picture quiz,etc. Dr .Khanduja from CAMBRIDGE has been conducting FRCS Orth Revision Courses in the UK for a while. He also chairs the SICOT Educational Day being conducted annually all over the globe. The immense experience has helped him to bring out a complete FRCS Orth Revision manual .Our Editor feels that this book will serve as a bench mark manual for Orthopaedic residents all over the globe


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