All India Postgraduate Entrance Exam 2012-Ortho Q


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  1. dr sanjeeb says

    great oppertunity to test self knowledge…

  2. Omer says


  3. Satish Rohra says

    Hill Sachs lesion is on posterolateral aspect of humeral head. Also mentioned in ur explanation.

  4. Mustafa says


  5. neethu says

    Evrybody shud try this test ..!!;-)

  6. admin says

    The humeral head question: The question is recurrent POSTERIOR Instability with a Hill Sach’s lesion. The question is technically wrong. The examiner wants to check whether the candidate is aware of reverse Hill sachs without mentioning REVERSE.

  7. Isam alazzawi says


  8. Chandrakant Kulkarni says

    I was once upon a time very good at Brachjal plexes I was disappointed at my mistake

  9. dr.arun says

    Sir,U r leading tis site in well composed way …..I wish to c more n more tests like this….so tat we can learn frm mistakes

  10. Malik sharukh says

    Interesting every one should try for this test

  11. jasim alobaidy says

    very nice explanations.
    needs mcq for frcs orthopaedic.

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