Trauma Module-Lower Extremity


1. A 20 year old male sustains a closed tibial shaft fracture with an intact fibula. Which of the following statements is false?


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2. Femur fractures that are most often associated with a pathologic process:


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3. In a pelvic fracture, selective arterial embolisation can be considered to reduce ongoing haemorrhage if



(Question 3 of 10)

4. Which of the following injuries is most commonly associated with knee dislocation


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5. The best solution for irrigation during debridement of an open tibial fracture is


(Question 5 of 10)

6. Regarding plate fixation for pubic symphysis diastasis the following are true except


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7. The most important ligament to be reconstructed in an isolated knee dislocation in the absence of a fracture is?



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8. Sarmiento’s functional cast bracing is contraindicated in which of the following?


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9. The following are true of acetabular fracture surgery except:



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10. True about Sacral fractures are all except?


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